About Us

Technology is important in healthcare.

When you consider the patient experience
you start to make your technology investment
more essential.

Our Name Says It All

InTouch Connections launched the Notivate Platform after having served some of the largest healthcare providers in the country for over 20 years. InTouch Connection’s years of experience understanding the unique needs of health care systems makes the Notivate Platform a best in class solution that will allow you to take patient engagement to the next level. By understanding the needs of patient populations on an individual level, Notivate can help NOTIFY large groups and MOTIVATE desired outcomes in real time, bridging the gap by taking your EHR technology investment the last mile.

A Patient-Centric Platform
A Patient-Centric Platform Text Bubbles

Our Mission

Our mission is to reinvent the way clients engage and communicate with their patients, by making it simple and affordable to connect with them.

Our Vision

In the future, we envision healthcare systems will be able to interact with patient populations in intuitive, effortless ways, to make stronger connections and build deeper engagement on their own terms.

Our Values

Simplicity and intuitiveness at the center of everything we build.

We are trusted with personal information. Security must never be compromised.

We believe diversity in people and thought drive our success.

Great ideas are everywhere.

Streamline Vaccination Efforts

Our EHR integrations ensure streamlined COVID-19 response plans to identify, notify and schedule priority populations. Automated reminders keep patients informed and on schedule, with minimal staff intervention.

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