The Notivate Platform

Simplicity and security were at the forefront when we designed our next-generation patient communications platform. We know that asking patients to log into a portal to get in touch with your staff just doesn’t work. But patient data must be protected, and your staff doesn’t have the time or expertise to communicate with patients securely with the tools they are using now. Enter Notivate. Now your staff can safely engage with patients in the methods they most prefer.

EHR Integration

Protecting Your Investment

We understand the investment of time and money you’ve made in your EHR. It is a cornerstone of your organization’s success and likely your largest HIT investment. Our approach to integrations means Notivate works with your native workflows. We elegantly fill the needs your EHR can’t, in one cohesive and seamless experience for both staff and patients. Data between systems is updated in real-time and bi-directional data flows means your two systems perform as one.

EHR Integration
HIPPA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance

Take Nothing for Granted

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to misconfigure a cloud-based application to allow for security breaches. Recent public disclosures of providers on the AWS platform uncovered a number of cloud-based solutions that were misconfiguring their platforms and allowing for potential data breaches. It was alarming the size and types of organizations that were on the list. Military contractors, financial institutions and large healthcare organizations were just a few. Understanding the nuances of cloud-based configurations to remain HIPAA compliant has been in our DNA since inception.


Data at Your Fingertips

The Notivate platform reports the status of all of your communications in real-time. Information can easily be filtered by department, location or program for any date range. Key success metrics can be tracked over time and provide you with the information you need to maximize your investment. Patient engagement tracking has never been so easy.

Role Based


Customized Views for All of Your Staff

Notivate streamlines communications by only sharing the information your staff needs, when they need it. Every element of the solution can be customized on a user-level. No time is wasted filtering through unnecessary information, which minimizes security risks.

Streamline Vaccination Efforts

Our EHR integrations ensure streamlined COVID-19 response plans to identify, notify and schedule priority populations. Automated reminders keep patients informed and on schedule, with minimal staff intervention.

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See how quickly our human-centric platform can help you NOTIFY and MOTIVATE patient populations faster and more securely than your EHR solution alone.

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