COVID Ushers in a New Normal in Healthcare

Notivate gives you the digital tools to adapt

Our easy, cloud-based platform ensures streamlined COVID-19 response plans to identify, notify and schedule priority populations. Automated reminders keep patients informed and on schedule, with minimal staff intervention.

Solutions to enable seamless interoperability between your EHR and your patients

Wellness Outreach

Wellness Outreach

Improve Health Outcomes

Wellness outreach encourages patients to utilize the medical services offered by their providers to prevent disease and illness and achieve improved health outcomes.

Outreach messages to the public, using patient-centered health information or reminders for annual check-ups, immunizations, tests and screenings, help people live healthier lives.

Statistics show that 98% of text messages are opened, and 95% of text messages are opened and responded to within 3 minutes of being delivered. With this in mind, the ability of healthcare providers to communicate with their patients about preventative care using text messages and our Notivate platform can positively impact the health of a large population of patients.


  • Follow up with patients after an office visit or procedure with responses in seconds
  • Answer questions and concerns about prescriptions and/or refills
  • Send routine appointment reminders
  • Use MMS to send X-ray, blood test, and lab results
  • Attach photos to better assess the condition of a patient
Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Seamless Integration

The Notivate platform allows for the quick and easy implementation of electronic patient satisfaction surveys. Whether you have your own custom-designed survey or want to use standard CAHPS surveys, the platform automates the development and the process of sending aftercare surveys.

Actionable Feedback

Electronic surveys are a great mechanism to quickly determine which patients need a follow-up. Our platform can automatically send alerts to the care team when patients use specific keywords or indicate they didn’t understand post-care instructions. This helps keep readmissions low and your patients healthy.

Reputation Management

Positive feedback from patients is critical to revenue growth. The Notivate platform lets your satisfied patients share their experiences on social media with just a few clicks, thereby improving your online presence and reputation scores.

Results at your Fingertips

If you have multiple locations or units with their own requirements, Notivate is for you. Each area of your health system can quickly view and filter survey results via location, provider and appointment types. CAHPS benchmarks allow for easy comparison to other providers and identify areas in need of improvement. Results are tracked and viewable by date range, so trends in the level of care are easily identified.



Eliminate Bottlenecks

The Notivate platform improves the patient experience by taking care of most of the registration process days prior to the scheduled appointment. Just a few clicks are all it takes to complete action items such as registration forms, insurance card uploads, health questionnaires and electronic signatures. Completing all necessary forms electronically before the appointment saves time for the patient and the burden of manual data entry for your staff.

Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders

Advanced Customizations

The Notivate platform allows you to customize every aspect of an appointment reminder for every provider in your network. The schedule, language, number of reminders, and auto-responses are just a few elements contributing to personalized communications and improved patient engagement.

Interactive Two-way Messaging Allows for Easy Rescheduling

When patients can’t make an appointment, the Notivate platform lets them cancel an appointment and reschedule for the next available date. This happens seamlessly via text with no staff involvement required.

Unique Landing Pages for Every Patient

Utilize unique landing pages when 160 characters are not enough. Patients with multiple appointments or a list of pre-appointment instructions access the information by clicking a unique link provided in the appointment reminder message. Once clicked, a browser opens that presents patients with information on all of their appointments and any special instructions they need. All pages are generated automatically and are disabled once the appointment has passed.

Roll Over Schedules Increase Contact Rates

By implementing more than one interactive tactic – text, call, email – you will increase not only your contact rate but also your patient engagement rate. Not all communication vehicles work for all patients. It’s essential to communicate with people in the manner they prefer. Notivate’s platform delivers messages in three ways, and if one channel doesn’t get your patients to engage, we’ll roll over to the next tactic, increasing your reach and filling your schedules.

Real-Time Appointment Confirmations

If improving no-show rates is a top objective for your practice, then starting at the beginning with implementing a real-time appointment confirmation is crucial. In a world with many different types of appointments, it is easy to get them confused. Seeing that 95% of text messages are opened and responded to within 3 minutes of being delivered, sending a confirmation reminder the second the appointment is booked encourages the patient to note and save the appointment.

Appointment Rescheduling

Life happens. You must give your patients the option to easily reschedule their appointment when they cannot make the visit. This flexibility helps the patient and lets you fill that slot with another patient that needs to be seen. The Notivate platform integrates with all EHR systems via API, including Epic and Cerner. Patient rescheduling is done through the connected EHR, which permits the patient to cancel the first appointment and opens future appointment slots as rescheduling options.

Appointment Recalls

A great way to keep your schedule full and make sure patients make essential follow-up appointments is to send patient recall messaging. A quick notification that alerts a patient to get that appointment in the books now can alleviate the panic of trying to schedule it last minute. Notivate customizes your recall notifications specifically for your practice, specialty and location and reports back to your staff for immediate action. We make it easy and cost-effective for you to preserve a healthy, long-term relationship with your patients.

Your practice will never miss a follow-up appointment again with HIPPA-compliant automated reminders from Notivate, including calls and SMS texts. Give us a call today and see how easy it is. 

Digital Wait List

Digital Wait List

Keep your Schedule Full Even When Patients Cancel

Cancellations are a reality for every hospital and medical practice, but an empty time slot doesn’t need to be. Many providers are hesitant to make it easy for their patients to cancel or reschedule because they worry that the time slot will remain vacant. But what if that time slot could be automatically filled with another patient from a waitlist? That’s what we call a win/win/win situation. Both patients and staff are more satisfied, and your bottom line didn’t take a hit.

Notivate allows you to automate the process of filling appointments so your staff doesn’t spend time playing phone tag with patients. Text messages are sent automatically to patients on the waitlist, notifying them that a sooner appointment is available. A simple yes/no reply via text lets them book the appointment. Notivate automatically reschedules their appointment to the new time with no staff intervention required. Texts can be sent one at a time or sent to the entire waitlist, with the first person responding receiving the appointment.

Secure Chat

Secure Chat

Fast, Easy and Secure Communications

Patients deserve a trustworthy and dependable solution to communicate easily with their healthcare providers. Notivate offers a HIPAA-compliant secure chat feature that providers can utilize to ask and answer questions in real-time, share test results, receive updates on patient symptoms, and more. With a user-friendly interface, Notivate is an easy platform for all patients to use.

Protecting patient information is our top concern. Notivate provides a secure messaging feature, One Connect Secure, where messages are encrypted end-to-end, which gives patients confidence and comfort when sharing personal health information from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

    • End-to-end Encryption
    • Delivery Confirmation
    • Group Messaging
    • Secure Attachments
    • Administrative Control

Friends & Family Updates

Our EPIC integration permits providers to keep family members of patients informed once they enter a facility. This was invaluable during COVID as family members were limited or not allowed in the building. Within the EPIC application, changes in patient status are automatically sent to family members, so they are regularly updated. This same feature allows for free-form secure chatting, which lets staff provide even more information to waiting family members.

Wellness Outreach

Mass Communication with Quick Connect®

Quickly Spread the Word to All of Your Patients

Our Quick Connect feature allows for the quick and easy creation of a mass broadcast of text, call, or email messages. Send your messages immediately, or schedule them for a future date. Translations are done with a click of a button and keyword subscription lists, or other pre-defined patient lists, can be stored and accessed via a drop-down menu or files can be uploaded. Store an unlimited number of templates for future use.




These pages include a snapshot of all the different programs running at a given time. They include information on the number of texts and/or calls sent and received by language for various programs, along with a summary of any undeliverable messages or calls and the associated error codes. The dashboard is searchable by a multitude of factors. Each user can have a unique dashboard view based on their credentials set by your administration.

Message Summary Report

The Message Detail Report pages include data on each individual message sent and any responses received. You will find time sent, time received, responses received, and other relevant data pertaining to a single text, call, or email. Similar to the Message Summary Report pages, there are drop-down menus, and searchable date ranges for easy filtering, and all information is easily downloaded in a number of formats.

Patient Lookup

This page allows a user to type in a phone number to search for a history of all messages sent to or received from a given patient.

Quick Connect

Telehealth Appointments

Virtual Visits Made Easy

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many health providers had to come up with creative ways to stay engaged and keep their patients’ health on track. Conducting telehealth appointments permits both patients and their providers to connect safely.

Notivate Health delivers telehealth appointment reminders that include, along with the normal appointment reminder information, a simple link for the patient to click to join their telehealth visit. Our custom, automated landing pages make it easy to include instructions or collect pre-appointment forms.

Send appointment reminders in intervals and remind the patient 5-10 minutes before their telehealth appointment is set to begin. This strategy not only cuts down no-shows but also allows the patient to easily access the reminder information and connect to the visit without searching for buried reminders or appointment emails.

Streamline Vaccination Efforts

Our EHR integrations ensure streamlined COVID-19 response plans to identify, notify and schedule priority populations. Automated reminders keep patients informed and on schedule, with minimal staff intervention.

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