Utilizing online tools to connect with your patients is increasingly important in this digital age. This allows you to meet them where they are and provide them with the information they need to make decisions about their care. On top of that, there are digital tools available that allow you to streamline patient surveys and get the results your facility needs to improve patient care. Let’s look at some of the ways Notivate Health’s platform can help you achieve these goals.

Compare Results for Improvements

First of all, one of the best features of Notivate Health’s survey application is that it allows you to compare results across multiple locations. As a network of healthcare facilities, you may have different needs based on different locations. You can use this digital tool to streamline patient surveys and gather results based on the specific needs of each location.

In addition, you can then take the results from these surveys and compare them to other providers and locations. Our system utilizes CAHPS benchmarks to provide you with the data you need to come to a conclusion about individual providers. Viewing physicians and other staff across your healthcare organization’s ecosystem can significantly improve the overall quality of patient care.

Notivate’s surveys can identify top-performing physicians, analyzing performance metrics such as patient outcomes, complication rates, and patient satisfaction, so you can learn from their practices. In our easy-to-read dashboard, this analysis can also highlight areas where improvement is needed, enabling the system to provide targeted education and training to physicians who are struggling in specific areas.

Comparing physician performance within the system can also incentivize physicians to improve their performance, leading to increased quality of care for patients. Ultimately, this approach to physician evaluation can help the healthcare system identify and replicate best practices, resulting in improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Using these comparison tools, you can filter results to look at different data trends and get a better overall view of patient care.

Search for Keywords

Another great aspect of Notivate Health’s system to streamline patient surveys is the ability to highlight and search for keywords in survey results.¬†Digital surveys can be valuable in gathering patient feedback about their healthcare experiences. However, it can be challenging to sift through the vast amount of data generated by these surveys and identify which patients may need additional follow-up care. This is where pre-set alerts can be particularly helpful. These alerts can be configured to flag certain responses or patterns of responses that may indicate potential issues or misunderstandings. For example, suppose a patient indicates that they did not receive clear instructions on how to manage their medication. In that case, an alert can be triggered to prompt a follow-up call from a nurse or pharmacist to provide additional guidance. Similarly, if a patient expresses dissatisfaction with their overall experience, Notivate’s system will trigger an alert to initiate a conversation with the patient to identify specific areas for improvement.

By leveraging these alerts, healthcare providers can quickly identify and address potential issues, thereby improving patient satisfaction and ultimately, patient outcomes. Additionally, these alerts can help healthcare providers to proactively manage potential issues before they escalate, preventing more significant problems down the line. Overall, pre-set alerts based on digital survey data can be a powerful tool to improve patient care and experiences. Using keyword alerts allows you to focus your efforts on the patients who truly need it. Rather than going through individual surveys one by one, this alert system enables you to streamline patient surveys and connect with patients in need.

Utilize Your Custom Survey

To streamline patient surveys for your facility, you may have a series of questions that you would like answered by your patients after they have been discharged. Luckily, Notivate Health has a solution that allows you to include these facility-specific questions.

You can upload and send a custom survey to your patients following their visit. This allows you to include questions that relate specifically to the type of visit your patient had or the type of facility they visited.

However, you can also send a standard CAHPS survey to your patients following their visit. Whichever option you choose, the system will automate the process and help you gather patient results quickly after their visit and return those results in a simple format anyone in your facility will understand.

Surveys play a crucial role in patient communication. In fact, research by The Journal of mHealth has shown that using digital surveys and telemedicine opportunities can increase patient retention and responses. By utilizing a digital platform to gather patient results, you can improve your facility and patient relationships in the future.

The Benefits of Using Digital Tools to Streamline Patient Surveys

There are many different ways to gather patient information after a visit. However, using the digital tools found in Notivate Health’s platform allow you to streamline patient surveys easily, gather the information you need to make improvements in the future and easily understand that data. Not only can you highlight specific keywords and phrases or include your own survey, but you can also compare the results of these surveys to create a better patient experience across the board

If you want to learn more about how Notivate Health can improve patient interactions, contact us today.