One of the main goals at Notivate Health is that your patients are satisfied with their care. That’s why we’ve created patient satisfaction surveys that allow you to gauge how a patient is doing almost immediately after their visit. Here are three ways that using these surveys can benefit your healthcare facility.

1. Patient Satisfaction Surveys Allow Instant Feedback

Although you will be sending out an in-depth survey about the patient’s overall experience later on, instant feedback allows your patients to share their experiences almost immediately after leaving the facility.

This instant feedback lets you to catch many issues ahead of time. For example, by asking if a patient understood their discharge instructions, you can have a clear idea of whether or not they will need follow-up support.

Additionally, you can also use this instant feedback to improve your patient-provider experiences. With their visit still fresh on their mind, patients can share how they felt about their nurses, doctors, and overall care. These comments can then be reviewed so that you can determine how best to improve each department of your facility.

2. Create Different Lists to Categorize Results

One of our patient satisfaction survey tools allows you to create priority and immediate lists. This allows you to filter through the comments and find key words and phrases that may indicate a patient is unhappy with their visit or needs additional follow-up care. 

For example, a patient who gives a poor rating in the patient satisfaction surveys and explains that their provider had a poor bedside manner would be added to the immediate list. If you see a patient comment with keywords that indicate they did not understand their follow-up instructions, you might add them to the priority list. This would allow you to reach out and try to solve the situation before any HCAHPS survey is sent out later. 

On the other hand, you can also filter through the good comments. This allows you to see what is working and what patients were happy with during their stay.

3. Look at Individual Departments and Providers

Lastly, the third benefit of our patient satisfaction surveys is that they allow you to look at the results of specific departments and/or providers. This can help you see how they are doing and which departments need more work.

Obviously, there are some things you should consider when looking at these results. It is common for maternity wards to have higher ratings, while emergency rooms will have lower ratings. This is why reading through the specific comments and understanding the patient’s reviews are important. Taking a look at the whole picture, comparing departments and providers, can help you determine whether or not this instant patient satisfaction surveys feedback is a direct indication of how the department is doing or not.

You also have the ability to create provider “report cards.” This feature allows you to recognize which providers in each department are great with patients and which need more work. 

Increasing Patient Satisfaction With Notivate Health

By catching and fixing problems early in the process, you can not only prevent bad reviews but also increase your patient’s satisfaction with the facility. Patients want to feel like they are heard, and the instant feedback received through our patient satisfaction surveys can help you reach out to patients and solve their problems quickly.

Overall, learning about what patients are unhappy with can improve your facility’s outcomes. TeamHealth shares ten ways to improve patient experience, and many of these are issues that would be reported through our patient surveys.

Helping patients understand the importance of filling out these surveys can also improve the feedback you receive. Read this blog post to learn how to encourage patients to complete post-discharge surveys.

If you would like to see a demo of our platform, head over to our website. We would be happy to talk to you about how Notivate Health’s features can improve your facility.