As we have faced the Covid-19 pandemic, we have learned much about how our healthcare facilities need to run to best help the public. Thankfully, there are now so many resources available to facilities for Coronavirus information, PPE and equipment, safety guidelines, community vaccinations, and much more. Here are some of the best COVID-19 resources to use as you make plans for your facility.

1. CDC Website

Although this may be one of the obvious resources, it still contains valuable information about the pandemic moving forward. For example, you can get up-to-date information on the virus, community vaccination guidelines for different age groups, travel information, and more.

Additionally, there are even more resources specifically for those in healthcare. For example, you can learn about topics such as how to care for patients with COVID-19, prevent the spread while in a healthcare setting, and handle facility operations. There are also resources for managing healthcare operations including planning, reporting, and handling surges.

2. NIH

The NIH is a great US-based resource for treatment guidelines during the pandemic. They have resources about the results of different treatments such as corticosteroids, antithrombotic therapy, transplants, and more.

3. HHS

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has a collection of resources available for hospitals. They have different resources for handing capacity, triage/testing, agencies and organizations, hospital/health systems, and treatment. All of the resources found on this page are from credible sources and some include case studies and what others have learned from the pandemic.

4. American Hospital Association

The AHA has resources to help clinical teams respond to the Covid-19 crisis in different areas. They have standards of care, education and training, case studies, communication, planning, and more. 


The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Covid-19 page is full of helpful information for the healthcare system. For example, they have blog posts, research, and other publications to help you understand how to give the best care during the pandemic. They even have a new guide for building trust in community vaccinations and the benefits of vaccines. 


The American Society for Health Care Engineering (part of the AHA) has webinars, events, resources, and magazine publications on a variety of topics. They also have a membership program with discussion boards and additional resources for members to ask questions of their peers.

7. Patient Safety Movement

This website has an almost step-by-step process to make sure you are addressing all of the necessary areas in your facility during the pandemic. This even includes a section on community vaccinations and other related topics for keeping patients and community members involved and up-to-date.

Systems for Sharing Community Vaccinations, COVID-19 Updates, and More

It is important for your facility to stay up to date about current Covid-19 updates in order to best protect the health of your community. While you are doing your part for your healthcare organization, we at Notivate Health have also put measures in place to ensure that your patients are continually cared for and in the loop about important Covid-19 policies and procedures. For example, you can easily share pre-screening questionnaires to determine the health of your patients, reschedule sick patients over text, communicate with patients who are sick, and schedule and remind patients of vaccination appointments.

In addition, you can use the Notivate platform to send out mass communications with all of your patients through text, call, or email. This feature allows you to send out important Covid-19 updates as well as inform the public about community vaccinations and other necessary information.

Overall, patients who are informed and understand their care have better relationships with their providers. If you want to learn more about Notivate’s platform and how you can use it in your facility, request a demo today.