Being able to communicate with your patients about their health is essential. However, when HIPAA is violated, you can find yourself with a whole new set of problems. That is why HIPAA Compliant Chat software is essential for healthcare facilities to improve their patient’s health outcomes.

HIPAA Compliant Communication Builds Trust

One of the most important things you can do to ensure a good relationship with your patients is to build trust. When patients trust you, they are more likely to come back in the future. Additionally, they can see a better health outcome because they are willing to follow your care instructions and reach out if they have any problems.

This is why a secure HIPAA compliant chat is essential for healthcare facilities. When your patient’s information is protected, they can feel more confident in their healthcare.

A Safe Way to Communicate

Not only can you share important or confidential information with your patients, but they can also send you messages back. A HIPAA compliant chat software makes this communication between patient and doctor seamless. You can follow up with patients or send them reminders and test results. On the other hand, patients can easily ask questions about their care or medications or send pictures to help you better assess their condition. 

Whatever your goal with patient communication, a HIPAA compliant chat is a safer way to send information back and forth.

Additionally, communication with approved friends and family members can be made easier using a secure chat platform. For example, Notivate Health’s EPIC integration allows the patient’s friends and family members to stay informed, especially when they cannot come into the building. HIPAA compliance is important for these communications as well, and using a HIPAA compliant chat can help staff notify and stay in contact with the patient’s friends and family.

Using HIPAA Complaint Chat Features 

HIPAA Journal explains that there are some safeguards that should be in place to ensure HIPAA compliance with chatting applications. For example, some of these include:

  • End-to-end encryption
  • All ePHI stored is protected
  • Mechanisms to make sure messages can’t be changed or intercepted
  • Messages should be made available to all authorized individuals
  • Monitored user activity

This is why using a HIPAA compliant chat software is essential. Unlike normal SMS messaging systems, a HIPAA compliant software follows all of the guidelines for proper patient communication. The messages sent back and forth are completely secure so your patient’s information is not stolen or wrongfully used.

We at Notivate Health know that protected patient communication is essential for healthcare facilities, which is why our chatting applications are completely secure and meet all of the guidelines mentioned above. Protecting patient information is our top concern, which is why all of our chat features are protected and allow you to send secure attachments, provide delivery confirmation, and use end-to-end encryption.

Improving Health Outcomes

The more informed doctors are about their patients, the more likely the patients are to have better health outcomes. By using a secure HIPAA chat, doctors and staff can contact patients and share valuable information about their health. It’s important to use a chatting software that is safe, secure, and meets all HIPAA guidelines to ensure that your patient’s information is guarded.

Providing the best care to your patients is a priority, and HIPAA compliant chatting makes reaching that goal easier. If you want to see how our platform provide secure chat options, request a demo today. Also, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter for more healthcare tips.