We learned a lot through the most recent pandemic, especially when it comes to our healthcare facilities and how we can best treat our patients. However, there are always ways to change and grow in order to prevent new challenges from disrupting our healthcare system as COVID-19 did. Here are some ways that new technology for healthcare will help providers better care for their patients in the future.

New Technology For Healthcare Allows For New Screening Measures

One of the largest changes to the healthcare system is how we interact with patients before they even enter the facility. In order to prevent unnecessary interactions between sick patients and their providers, new screening measures have been put into place. UpToDate explains that patients should be screened prior to entry, upon entry, and before procedures.


However, these multiple points of screening can put a load on your staff and increase wait times as they work through each patient. One way to combat this is through E-registration. This new technology for healthcare that Notivate Health has embraced lets facilities reach out a few days prior to the visit and allow patients to fill out important registration forms. Not only does this include the normal registration requirements they would have filled out prior to the pandemic, but it also gives them the opportunity to answer health questionnaires before entering the facility.

Lowering the Wait Time Using New Technology For Healthcare

Another issue that has come up due to the pandemic is scheduling appointments. Facilities already struggled with how to prevent no-shows, but COVID-19 showed us that another obstacle is patients who can no longer show up for appointments due to being sick.

This is where digital waitlists come in. Using Notivate Health’s platform, you are able to keep track of and fill appointments using a digital waitlist. Rather than using staff to reach out and fill empty slots, you can use our platform to automatically confirm/cancel appointments and then reach out to patients on the waitlist to fill empty slots. 

The Necessity of Increased Communication

The pandemic also taught us the importance of communication. Because it wasn’t possible for family members to be present in the facility during a patient’s procedure, we had to find other ways to contact them and let them know what was going on.

As we move forward into a better-prepared future, a new technology used in healthcare is the ability to use secure chat features to inform family members of what is happening. Notivate Health uses a secure chat feature not only for patient communication but also to send automatic updates to family members outside of the facility.

Continually Growing For The Future

As we move into the end stages of this pandemic, it is more important than ever to continually find ways to improve our healthcare systems. That is why Notivate Health is determined to create the best patient experiences and help you provide the best care both in and out of your facility.

If you want to learn more about our platform and how it can help your facility be better prepared for the future, request a demo today.