Outsourcing for your facility can be tricky, but it is becoming increasingly necessary in the digital world. You simply can’t handle all of the tasks needed to run your facility while making things easier for patients and staff as well. In order to see growth, you will need the help of digital health innovations and IT vendors to bring your facility into the technological world.

Steps in Choosing a Digital Health Innovations Vendor

The process for choosing an IT vendor to work on an IT project is simple, but it should be done thoroughly to make sure there isn’t any miscommunication between you and the vendor.

1. Decide what your goal is with your digital health innovations project

Before finding an IT management team, you should have an idea of what you are looking for. This will help you determine which vendor is the best fit for your facility. For example, if your goal is to improve patient-provider relationships, you would want to find an IT vendor that has the experience and focuses on providing that support.

2. Research your options

Look into different digital health innovations vendors. Take note of aspects such as any needed legalities, who the IT vendor primarily helps, the process you would go through with them, etc. Reach out to IT vendors and determine whether or not you would be a good fit. Consider:

  • how the software will integrate with your existing EHR system,
  • whether they offer training,
  • what support looks like after the system is launched,
  • how secure the system is,
  • what service levels can be expected, and
  • how updates are managed

Additionally, you should find out what their quality assurance process is, how they handle communications and ask for references of their previous work.

3. Create a contract

After meeting with and deciding on an IT vendor, create a contract for the project you are looking for. Or, the vendor may have a contract that they use. Make sure that you understand the provisions and that your project is detailed in how you expect it to go, with measurable KPIs, so there isn’t any miscommunication later on.

4. Keep a good relationship

KeyToTech explains that a good relationship between you and your IT vendor is necessary. In order to create a long-lasting relationship, it is best to think of your IT vendor as a partner in the digital health innovations projects you are bringing them on for, not simply a third party.

What Should You Expect From an IT Vendor During Your Time Working Together?

While working with an IT vendor on digital health innovations, you should have the opportunity to ask questions, receive the necessary training, and get any assistance as outlined when you began working together. 

For example, Notivate Health’s platform offers customized training based on your specific health system’s implementation. This support makes it easy for new clients to understand and utilize the platform as easily as possible. We also have the ability to integrate with practically any EHR systems your facility has and can have most clients up and running in 4 to 6 weeks. As these standards are set before working together, you can feel confident in your digital health innovations choice and receive the support needed to make a seamless transition. 

Overall, every digital health innovations platform offers different features, perks, and systems. It’s up to you as the facility owner to choose a platform that will work best for your facility and provide what you need to improve patient relationships and help your facility run smoothly. 

If you want to learn more about Notivate’s platform, request a demo using this link.