As a healthcare facility, you have certain needs when it comes to patient interaction. You need to be able to communicate quickly and effectively, you need to get certain information from your patients, and you need to create a welcoming, easy-to-access space for patients to share things with you. Building your patient engagement strategy around our platform can meet all of these needs and more!

Why Should You Create A Patient Engagement Strategy?

Having a game plan for how you will interact with your patients from the moment they schedule an appointment to their post-discharge care can lead to better overall outcomes. 

Wellbox explains that the five strategies that can lead to better outcomes include identifying the patients, providing education, engaging in decision making with the patient, continuously providing care, and lowering the amount of barriers to care. All of these strategies focus on the patient being informed and a part of their healthcare decisions.

When you have a solid patient engagement strategy, you will know how to handle obstacles such as a negative care experience, needing to reschedule an appointment, or getting private information to the patient safely. 

Strategies to Fit Different Types of Facilities

We’ve helped various organizations and facilities with their patient engagement strategy. For example, Notivate currently works with children’s hospitals, mental health organizations, WIC, and many more.

So what does that mean for your facility? Because our platform is flexible enough to meet the needs of various groups, facilities, and organizations, we are sure to have applications that you can use to connect with patients, set appointments, and collect data to improve patient outcomes.

For example, our program can be used for something as simple as sending out reminder messages about appointments or keeping family members updated on a patient’s procedure. 

On the other hand, your facility can also benefit from the data reporting of our platform. By using patient satisfaction surveys, hospitals and facilities that use Notivate’s platform can look at individual department and provider results to determine where changes and improvements can be made.

How Can Notivate Health’s Platform Lead To Better Health Outcomes?

Our program is tailored to meet your patient’s needs from the moment they come to your facility and long after they leave. We have an application for every step of the process to ensure that your patients are being taken care of, informed, and feel heard.

For example, as mentioned above, you can send reminder messages to patients about upcoming appointments. Additionally, our HIPAA-Compliant Chat allows you to share private patient information such as test results and follow up care instructions directly with the patient, without them coming into the office. Patients can also ask questions about their care in real-time.

Also, we also have options for E-registration and a digital wait list. Each of these options allow your staff to better meet the needs of patients in the office by automating registration processes and filling empty schedule slots behind the scenes.

Because our platform puts the patient first, they will see better outcomes in their care. They can feel like their concerns are acknowledged and taken care of quickly. Furthermore, they can get answers to their questions without making a call or coming into the office. The most important part of a patient engagement strategy is making it as seamless as possible to connect patients to providers, and these applications do just that.

If you want to learn more about Notivate Health’s platform, you can contact us or sign up for our newsletter below.